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IO HAWK Part Payments

Part payments with IO HAWK!

We now offer the comfortable shopping with part payments – with 0% financing!
The part payment is available to all customers that are from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and above 18 years of age

  • You finance your IO HAWK in up to 12 monthly installments with 0% rates.
  • You always get your IO HAWK before payment was made.
  • Buy now – pay later!
  • You can pay the outstanding installments altogether at any time and thereby end the financing early
  • The part payment is available in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This is how IO HAWK Part Payments works

At IO HAWK you can now pay comfortably in up to 12 monthly installments - and this with 0% rates!

Simply choose part payments at the end of the checkout. You will then be redirected to our partner, who verifies your solvency, to confirm the part payment. There you can choose the desired duration (12 months max).

Should your financial situation allow it, you can pay the outstanding sum fully at any time and thereby end the credit agreement early.

Example for the 0% financing:
With a 0% financing you just have to pay the price for the IO HAWK, no interest or additional fees. A 0% financing at IO HAWK could look like this:
Purchase price: 1499,00 €
Duration: 12 months
Monthly installment: 1499,00 € / 12 installments = 124,92 € monthly installments

Additional and more detailed information can be found in our additional T&Cs for part payments

When checking out with part payment your data will be forwarded to our partner, the payolution GmbH. All additional information about the privacy policy regarding part payments can be found here.


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